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The nature on mesure in Sainte-Béatrix

The M Resort & Spa Experience

Votre oasis sur mesure pour organiser une retraite, un événement corporatif ou tout simplement pour vous reposer et vivre l’expérience M avec vos proches.

The M Experience

Your tailor-made oasis. Whether it is for a corporate event , a shoulder-to-shoulder meeting, a meeting between business partners, training or more. Whether it is to organize a tailor-made retreat with or without accommodation. (Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Detox, Strategic Coaching etc.) Whether it is simply to rest alone, as a couple, with family or with friends. Whether it's to live the all-inclusive M experience and discover the Lanaudière region with all the activities nearby. Choose your theme and build your stay according to your expectations for a day, a weekend, a week or more.

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New concept of Bed & Breakfast

The M Resort & Spa is a unique site in Quebec. You can rent our private loft with dining room, full kitchen, living room, dormitory and suite which gives direct access to the M Spa circuit. We offer the Bed & Breakfast formula but you do not have to “co-live” with the owners, your section is private! You can tailor your stay. The base rate is $ 495 + tx per night for 2 people. Continental breakfast is included but for an extra or if you identify the M Resort & Spa Instagram account or Facebook page during your stay, you will get the signed M brunch for free. We also offer massage therapy, chef service, musicians, yoga teacher, private trainer and more! You want to give flowers to your loved one and a box of chocolate when you arrive, that is also possible! You will live a unique experience with all the attention you will need during your stay with The M Family!

Visit the M Resort & Spa

Faites la visite du M Resort & Spa et découvrez l’environnement splendide dans lequel vous séjournerez lors de vos vacances.

4 guests

The ideal package for a group of friends who wish to live a luxurious experience of choice in an enchanting environment.

2 guests

The ideal package for a couple of lovers who wish to experience a romantic stay in our spa and relaxation area at M Resort & Spa.

The M Resort & Spa

A private resort that gives you a tailor-made experience according to your criteria and according to the experience you want to live.

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What the clients says about us...

Faites la visite du M Resort & Spa et découvrez l’environnement splendide dans lequel vous séjournerez lors de vos vacances.

I went to the resort for my bachelorette party! We were 6! The place is magnificent. We had taken one night with the chef's service at home! We were made very welcome by the M family and the food was excellent!

I'm going to go back there for sure with my little family to have a little weekend!
Thank you for the beautiful stay ❤ it was such a beautiful experience. Congratulations on your great project. The customer experience is truly superb. We managed to get out of our jobs, which is quite rare ☻ Thank you to “chef” Alexe for the perfect food and to your little family for your warm welcome. We will definitely be back!
Every little bit of attention you can hope for, you'll get it here! Max and Marie-P. are wonderful hosts. They thought of making vegan dishes for us. Thank you for this great experience, we will be back for sure and for more than one night. The comfort, the view, the amenities in short everything is great at the M Resort.
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